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Many businesses feel overwhelmed when it comes to putting together an effective marketing campaign.

That’s where we come in. To help illustrate and explain how we achieve measurable success for our clients, we’ve put together a selection of strategies and projects that exemplify what we can do to attract more customers to your company or brand.

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The Point of Health Wellness Center


The Point of Health Wellness Center is a holistic health facility that specializes in traditional Chinese medicine. They faced the challenge of creating brand awareness around the concept of holistic health and their new location in the Lakewood Heights area of Atlanta, an up-and-coming neighborhood for natural health.

We implemented an influencer campaign across Meta and TikTok that scaled to over 40,000 unique users. We also layered in SEO to engage with passive users.

In addition to this paid social campaign, we developed an awareness campaign that included testimonials, Q&As, and promotional rates to help build trust among our target audience of women ages 24-54 and veterans ages 25-64. Our campaign helped TPOH scale to two locations in less than 18 months.

BW Apothecary


BW Apothecary is a non-profit home decor line that designs throw pillows and home decor that inspires positive self-talk. They faced the challenge of establishing their brand identity and creating a marketing strategy that would help them solidify their market share.

We executed a seasonal holiday campaign across Pinterest, Meta, and SEO to position BW Apothecary as "the gift that keeps on giving." This campaign featured a percentage of every pillow sold being donated to a non-profit in the local Atlanta area.

The campaign was a huge success, helping BW Apothecary to increase brand awareness, generate leads, and sell more products.

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Safely is a short-term rental insurance company that struggled with developing engaging content that captured the attention of their target audience-- homeowners and owners of secondary properties. We developed a minimum of 12 custom spot to align with peak seasonality that can be transposed across social, linear and informational events.

iwi Fresh


iwi Fresh is a historic Atlanta brand that has been serving the community for over 20 years. In recent years, they have faced the challenge of rebranding and transitioning into a franchise model.

To help them achieve these goals, we created a brand strategy and guideline that could be used nationally across different locations. We also curated a virtual open house that allowed over 400 potential franchisees to attend. This event generated $12 million in projected revenue.

In addition to this, we helped generate awareness of their second location in South Atlanta, a 24-hour wellness spa. We curated an all-day wellness retreat that brought in top brand ambassadors with over 1.1 million followers. We also collaborated with a well-known yoga community to gain momentum.

Finally, we helped establish the Castleberry Hill location of iwi Fresh as a hub for other small, black-owned businesses. We curated a summer pop-up shot event that allowed the brand to leverage partnerships to infiltrate a new audience.

Image by Yoko Saito


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